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Father and Son smiling. Belonging is critical to parenting. Belonging is created by strong, connected, parent-child relationships
Dad and Teenage Son

Who We Are

What is Parenting Education?

Our Approach is Supporting Parents

At Family Resource Center, we recognize the ever-changing landscape of parenting and we know it’s not easy to keep up!

But, what really is parenting education? It can be as quick as reading an article, or as involved as joining a group series. We aren’t born knowing how to handle a toddler tantrum or how to manage a teens connection to social media. You aren’t supposed to know all the answers, just knowing where to begin learning and finding support is the perfect start.

We believe parents are in charge of their parenting decisions. To make those decisions, you want information you can trust from people who see your strengths and honor your values.

We offer just that; evidence-based programming, information, and resources for raising children. But, it’s not just information parents need, parents also need support and community. Our programs offer weekly opportunities to connect with fellow parents and lean into the understanding, encouragement, and grace we can offer each other. 

For nearly 30 years, Family Resource Center has supported Central Oregon families and caregivers with parenting education, resources, and referrals.

What do you learn in Parenting Classes?

Classes are usually grouped by the age of children: 0-5 years old, 6-12 years old, 13+ years old. If you have children that fit into multiple age groups, we can help you choose the best fit. Classes typically run from 5-12 weeks, depending on the series. They are offered in-person and virtually. Workshops and other events are targeted towards specific parenting strategies, challenges, or activities. All of our programming is evidence-based; not just some mumbo-jumbo someone put up on their blog. With Family Resource Center, you will learn critical parenting information to support you along the way:

  • Age appropriate developmental expectations 
  • Discipline - what science tells us about spanking, time-outs, and other discipline strategies
  • How to develop a trusting relationship with your child
  • How to play with your child
  • Ideas for family time and activities
  • How to handle an angry child
  • How to handle parenting stress in the moment & and prevent stress
  • Emotional regulation
  • Helping your child regulate their emotions
  • School readiness 
  • Routine setting
  • Positive parenting strategies
  • Understanding trauma and parenting
  • Outbursts
  • Screentime, cell phones, and TV
  • How to handle power struggles with your child
  • ADHD, ADD and parenting
  • Promoting Growth Mindset
  • Empathy in Parenting
  • Mindfulness & Parenting Approaches
  • Domestic Abuse

Ready to explore more? Take a look at our current offerings!

What kinds of questions come up in class?

Babies (0-2 years old)

  • When is it safe for my baby to sleep on their tummy?
  • When will my baby start sleeping through the night? 
  • Do babies dream?
  • Why won't my baby sleep?
  • Do babies cry in the womb?
  • Why do babies cry?
  • How do I stop my baby from crying?
  • What do I do if I feel judged breastfeeding?
  • When is it time to stop breastfeeding?
Baby Feeding
  • How do I know what to feed my baby?
Baby Development
  • How do I baby-proof my house?
  • How do I take a pacifier away?
  • Can my baby see at 1 month? 
  • Do babies sweat?
  • How can I tell if my baby is teething?
  • Are babies color blind?
  • How do I dress my baby for the different seasons?

Toddlers (2-5 years old)

Toddler Development
Toddler Bedtime
  • How do I get my toddler to bed without fuss?
  • How do I handle sleepovers?
Toddler Feeding
Potty Training

Child (5-12 years old)

Child Discipline 
Child Social and Emotional Development
Child Physical Development
  • When can my child get their ears pierced?? 
  • What do I if my child needs a surgery?
Children and Food
Children and Sleeping and Bedtime
  • How do I get my kid to brush their teeth? 
  • How do I get my kids used to the school routine? 
  • How do I get my child to bed without fuss?
  • Is it okay to co-sleep?
  • Is co-sleeping safe?
  • At what age should we stop co-sleeping?
  • What are the pros and cons of co-sleeping?

Teens (13-18+ years old)

Teens & Screens
Teens & Risky Behavior: Drugs, Sex, Alcohol, Smoking, Addiction, Self-Harm
  • Why do teens do drugs?
  • How do I talk to my teen about drug and alcohol use?
  • Why do teens cut themselves? Why do teens self-harm?
  • Why do teens drink alcohol?
  • Why do teens smoke marijuana or tobacco?
  • Why do teens vape? 
  • How do I talk to my teen about suicide? 
  • What are some resources for helping my teen access sex education? 
Teens & Self-Esteem
Communicating with Teens
  • How do I learn to understand my teen?
  • How do I communicate with my teen
  • Why does my teen lie?
  • When should I talk to my teen about sex?
  • When should I talk to my teen about puberty?
  • Why does my teen respect me sometimes and disrespect at other times?
  • How do I let my teenage daughter have the emotions she is going through? How do I help her funnel them appropriately?
Teens Physical Development
  • What is a period party? Why might they be helpful?
  • How do you help your daughter celebrate womanhood?
  • Why does my teen sleep so much?
  • Why are teens so impulsive?

Parenting Questions

Parenting Stress
Parenting Mistakes
  • What do I do if I yelled at my child? 
  • How do I apologize for a mistake? 
  • What if my children see my spouse and I arguing? 
Family Bonding & Connection

We support families thanks to generous support from our partners

Hours - 8:00 am to 4:30 pm

2500 NE Twin Knolls Drive, Bend, OR 97701

2500 NE Twin Knolls Drive

 Bend, OR 97701