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Love what our bodies can DO...

Love what our bodies can DO...

A 2020 study of 9,838 adolescents in the USA found that rates of weight based stigma from peers and family were greater than 50% (Puhl & Lessard, 2020). 

What is weight stigma? It's when people attribute negative qualities to you based on your weight.

We swim in the waters of dieting, thinness, and a narrow set of beauty ideals that is harmful to all of us, but especially children. As early as toddlerhood, weight stigma can show up as social avoidance, stereotyping and victimization (Palad et al, 2019).

Luckily we have many ways to combat weight based stigma right in our homes.

1. Focusing on the skills, talents, abilities, and strengths of your children that have nothing to do with appearance shows them that you value them for who they are, not what they look like.

2. Legs come in all shapes and sizes and they allow us to walk, run, swim, kick, and play. Get excited with your children around what our bodies do for us instead of how they look on the outside.

3. You can probably remember something small someone once said that left a lasting impression. Body image is a tender spot for many, if not most, folks. While you are forging your way to peaceful relationship with your own body, do your best to avoid talking about dieting and how you wish your body looked.


Palad, C. J., Yarlagadda, S., & Stanford, F. C. (2019). Weight stigma and its impact on paediatric care. Current Opinion in Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Obesity, 26(1), 19–24.

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