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Strengthening Families

Every parent needs support. Our work is supporting parents with programming to promote strong, connected families and community. Learn more and get involved.

Our Impact from July 2021-March 2022

  • Parents Served
    Parents Served


  • Children Impacted
    Children Impacted


  • Hours of Parent Support
    Hours of Parent Support


Latest News

You can love your family, while also taking steps to protect yourself and your children from exposure to violence. It is common to feel “frozen” and scared to talk about your experiences, but reaching out to someone you trust may help you and your family find support and community that is critical during times of crisis.

Join us and Dr. Kristen Yax to dive into the flip side of empathy and self-care... with a twist!

Short on reading time with your child? Dr. Kathryn Leech, an Assistant Professor at the University of North Carolina’s School of Education, shares some important reasons why we don’t need to worry!

Kids are accomplishing serious work when they play! Learn why play is important for developing critical social-emotional skills, and how you can create more opportunities for play in your family.

Hours - 8:00 am to 4:30 pm