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Current Classes

Parenting Now

7 week class for parents of children newborn to age 6

Discover the values you want to pass on to your children, and ways to reduce stress and communicate effectively with children. Learn ways to encourage your children’s brain development and positive behavior and understand the importance of being “in tune” with your children’s feelings. The class also covers preventative discipline tools and strategies for specific problem behaviors.

Making Parenting a Pleasure

10 week class for parents of children newborn to age 8

Identify your strengths as a parent, take better care of yourself and discover new ways to make parenting easier. Develop a better understanding of your child’s behavior, and learn positive discipline and communication strategies. This class will help you have less stress and more fun as a parent, and gain a feeling of competence in parenting.   Also available in Spanish as: Haga de la Paternidad.

Focus On Parenting

12 week class for parents with children newborn to age 8 referred by DHS, courts, and other agencies.

Parent beliefs and strengths are assessed at the first class then the instructor chooses lessons to meet the group’s needs. The course is designed to help you as a parent build self-awareness and find positive ways to support your children’s healthy development. Topics include developing appropriate expectations, building empathy and positive communication, understanding discipline, and positive discipline strategies. This class is only offered in Bend.

Parenting Today

11 weekly sessions for parents of children newborn to age 8.

You may register for individual sessions as a workshop or choose to participate in the full series. Topics include: Stress and anger management, improving communication skills, self-care, school readiness and early literacy basics, and positive discipline strategies. This program is only offered in Prineville.

Active Parenting of Teens

6 week class for parents of youth ages 10-17

Being a parent of teens doesn’t have to be such a stressful part of your life. This program will give you the tools and confidence to meet the challenges and enjoy your teen. The course covers how to effectively communicate with teens, understand a teen’s goals so you can avoid power struggles, give your teen tools needed in today’s world, and reduce the risks of the teen years. Also available in Spanish as: Paternidad Activa de Adolescentes.

Staying Connected With Your Teen

5 week class for parents of youth ages 10-17

The teen years are a special time for both parents and youth. As your child moves through adolescence, you begin to see glimpses of the unique adult your child is becoming. This program will help guide you and your teen through the important steps in moving from child to adult. Topics include: reducing risks, strengthening resiliency, solving problems, and reducing family conflict.

Active Parenting for Stepfamilies in 3

In just 3 sessions, this video-based program will help you work together to strengthen communication and negotiation skills to raise children in the challenging stepfamily environment. 

 Parenting Wisely 


A self paced computer program covering topics such as sibling conflict and bedtime struggles for parents with children ages 3-9, and topics such as homework, defiance, disrespectful talk and chore avoidance for parents with youth 10-17. Computers available at Family Resource Center-please call to set up an appointment (541) 389-5468.


Teen Parents


This class focuses on understanding child development, learning effective parenting skills, and stress management. Parents develop parenting goals and healthy ways to support their child’s development. This class is in partnership with the Bend High School Teen Parent Program for pregnant and parenting teen moms and dads.

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