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Perfectly Normal Behaviors That Drive You Crazy

Young children require a lot of energy from their parents. Knowing what behaviors are normal at each age, can help parents to understand that behaviors which may be frustrating at the moment can actually be signs of healthy development.

By 4 months:

Explores objects with mouth, this behavior can continue until after 12 months. Stay vigilant of choking hazards.

By 8 months:

Shows mild to severe anxiety at separation from parent, enjoys repeatedly dropping objects over edge of a chair of crib.

By 12 months:

Enjoys opening and closing cabinet doors and pulling things out – lock up dangerous items, but keep one safe cabinet available for exploration.

12-18 months:

Begins to show sings of independence; says “no”, has difficulty sharing, finds it difficult to wait and wants things right now! Uses the words “me” and “mine” a lot, generally unable to remember rules, often gets physically aggressive (slaps, hits) when frustrated, needs considerable time to change activities.

3 years:

Sometime shows preference for one parent (often the parent of the opposite sex), enjoys playing with other children briefly, but still may not cooperate or share well.

4 years:

Persistently asks “why”, lies sometimes to protect self and friends, but doesn’t truly understand the concept of lying – imagination often gets in the way, can feel intense anger and frustration.

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