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Indoor Play for Kids

When you can’t get outside to play and kids need to get their energy out try some of these safe and easy indoor play ideas to get kids moving.

Obstacle Course

Use furniture, clear pathways and choose rules for movement such as twirl around a stool, crawl under a table, and skip across the living room. Have kids help with ideas.

Newspaper Throw

Have kids crumple newspaper into balls and throw them into containers or baskets. Tape may be helpful in keeping the shape of the balls.

Act Out Stories

Choose a story that has some movement. Have children act out part of a story. Children will love to dance like a monsters in “Where the Wild Things Are” or hop like a bunny in “The Runaway Bunny.”

Animal Movements

Pick different animals and movements and have children act them out. For example a tiger can run, stalk, crouch and pounce.

Toss in the Air

Lay an old flat sheet on the floor. Have children stand around the outside of the skeet. Practice lifting and lowering the sheet, laying soft, light toys in the middle of the sheet to bounce out of stay in, or raise it high so everyone can crawl under as if floats down.

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